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Indoor Shmindoor

So this morning I woke up at 5:00 and told myself that I would CERTAINLY fall back to sleep.  Beans decided since I was up he might as well get into bed to give me some quality Beans time.  Usually a purring cat will put me right to sleep, however I was too busy falling underneath Kiwi’s judgemental stare

See it doesn’t matter if Kiwi doesn’t want to curl up with me, that spot right next to my pillow is his, and damnation to those who a) trespass or b) allow trespass.

Anyway, I would prefer that Matt not leave me, and if I kept thrashing around, I don’t see how it could have ended any other way.  So I got up, had some coffee and since it’s going to be crazy oven-hot today, I headed out to the barn.

Woody seemed happy to see me; he was headed out to the far end of the field, but turned around when I called him.  He has just about earned himself a fly mask.  We had to use some tough love re: Woody’s disposition toward flies.  He seems to have settled and accepted them as a way of horsey life, so I’ll get him a mask this week.

Today we decided to ride in the indoor, ALL BY OURSELVES!!!!  Woody was, of course, a super star.  We walked, we trotted, we cantered, we reigned supreme. 

I set up some trot cavaletti and after walking through them a few times both directions I trotted through them.  Woody is a thinker, and going through those cavaletti was no different.  I told Allie on the phone this morning that it was like he was pausing with each stride, so our ride looked like this:

trot-trot-trot-trot up to the cavaletti, then trot——-trot——-trot—— through them.  I swear he paused for two seconds during each stride like he was saying “OK, so I’ve got these two feet between these two poles here…. ok, now I’m going to do the same with these other two feet…. and boing.”

Like he NEEDS to get any cuter.

We ended our ride by walking to the end of the drive, trotting over the little log and then cantering the rest of the way up taking the ditch on our way.  We were quite pleased with ourselves.

I’ll try to get some pictures of His Cuteness next time.


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So Yesterday Allie and I went trail blazing, and ended up on a trail ride that lasted maybe 1 1/2 hours?  (I’m terrible about time… especially when I’m having fun).

Anyway, it was a day of many more firsts.  First time scrambling through the woods and vines and saplings looking for a trail (That Allie and I were convinced was there…. if it was, we couldn’t find it).  Walking UP a huge steep hill and then back down when said trail was being coy.  Granted we jumped no logs going down the hill, but still, it’s was rather impressive.

And then possibly the MOST fun our first canter across a HUGE open hay field.  Not only was Woody a total gentleman following The Fabulous Phinny, but Allie pulled up and then we cantered on past him and Woody stayed calm and ratable.  I mean sure he was probably a little tired from his Tevis Cup work out, but still.  He’s such a smart reasonable boy.

We ended the ride by entering the horse devouring box of doom… AKA the indoor.  Phinny gave us a lead in, and in 2 minutes Woody was walking in and out on his own accord.  He gets today off, but maybe tomorrow we’ll see how he works in the indoor on his own.


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He goes over a ditch and a log and a cross rail…

The past week since we’ve moved to the new barn has been amazing.  The difference it has made to have someone ride out with is unmeasurable.  Woody has settled nicely and seems to really enjoy his new home.  Yesterday I went out and rode by myself and he jumped a cross rail, and rode to the end of the drive by himself.  He’s just SO much fun to ride.

Now I could write a long narrative about how cute Woody is, or I could show you!  Allie was nice enough to take some videos of Woody’s first log and ditch attempt.  I think the best part of the videos is that they are framed by the ears of the most Amazing Phinny.

Woody and the Fisher Price My First Log.

Woody jumps the ditch!!!!

This is ridiculous.  I just wanted Woody to walk up to the log… he (apparently) wanted to scramble over it.  We came at it again, and although we were lacking impulsion and even a modicum of finesse he walked over it.

The grand Finale!  The ditch to the log.  I honestly don’t think I have smiled like this since my last trail ride on Ozzy.

So there he is.  I can’t say enough good things about the little man.  He has SUCH a good mind and is so willing to try to do what you ask, so long as you give him a chance to figure it out, he’ll try to give you what you ask.  I’m even more smitten… he’s just SUCH a good boy.

More updates later 🙂

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For the first tme I have no pictures, but this update is so cute, it will stand on it’s own merit.

Yesterday Woody went on his VERY first trail ride ever and it is amazing the difference other horses make.

So after chillaxing and a little mane pulling at Woody’s new FANTASTIC home he and I, Allie and Tuck, and Jen and the most lovely Cally hit the trails.  It was a chestnut Parade.

In the beginning, before we got back into the woods there was a TEENY bit, like 10 seconds of bouncy bouncy, but per Pants’ prediction once we got into the woods he settled right down.

Then there were the creek crossings.  It turns out that Woody can be a brave little man.  It only took us about 2 minutes to get him to follow Tuck through the first creek (before which he traversed a rather muddy and not unsubstantial bank as an avoidance behavior). 

Once in, there was actually nose dunking and playing.  Playing to the point when I had to kick him on because I was pretty certain he was going to pull a Buggles* and lay down. (*another LOVELY OTTB owned by Jeanette Ford who did indeed lay down in a creek with Allie on her back)

By creek crossing 5 (the trails are FABULOUS for teaching water) Woody walked in on his own with out a lead.

Not only was Woody a brave little man with the water, but handled scary deer feeders, and led the trail for a good bit of time.  Pants is so smart.  He started to get a little uppity again, and she said “Put him back in front, give him something to think about” 

Sho’Nuff once in front, Woody was all 😯 and was way too busy concentrating on ALL the lovely outdoors to do anything but march forward.  Granted, he probably had this look on his face, but march forward he did.

Oooo!  And before our ride I was just hand walking Woody around the farm and well, we just HAPPEN to come across the riveted ditch that is along the driveway.  I had the “Is this a fight I want to have right now” conversation, and decided, “What the hell” 

The little man walked up to it, watched me cross over, hunkered as low to the ground as he possibly could, and SPRUNG over it.  I wanted to kiss him right on the mouth he was so cute.

So I did, cause he lives here now too, and I can totally kiss him on that cute face ALL the time.

So that was his first trail ride.  I LOVE the barn, there is always beer in the fridge (and Gatorade, if you’re into that sort of thing).  Everyone is really laid back and friendly and Woody and I are going to be VERY happy there… screw the commute, it’s worth it.

Today, I’m meeting Allie out at the barn again, and we’re going to have our SECOND trail ride.  I believe Pants is going to try and bring her camera and capture some of the Cuteness that is Woody in the Wild.  It really is beyond reproach.

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And that is because Allie and I went and got him 🙂

This past Saturday Allie and I drove home to stay the night with my mom and bring Woody to his new home in DC.  It was a easy trip (beside the series of perfect storms we went through on the way down), and Woody is safe and sound at his new (fabulous) home.  He traveled well and seemed to make friends with one of his pasture mates rather quickly.

I could easily prattle on and on, but I think it would be easier to just show you!

I can’t stand to show up at a new barn with a dirty horse, so Woody got a bath (and lots of kisses)

He even tolerated the much hated head sponging

He was a good boy, and this picture actually makes it look like he enjoyed his bath…

Those mares were kicking his ass up until the very last day

One of Allie’s favorite nose shots

And then he marched on the trailer and off we went!

When we got to his new home we put him in a new paddock

Where he ran and whinnied and ran some more.  It was then that Allie and I had it made clear to us exactly HOW overdue Woody was to see the farrier… because we are CERTAIN he didn’t used to move like a saddlebred.

Oh, don’t you worry.  I have video.

After that there was lots of posing, and Woody got his cute on.

Then he had to try to roll

We then took him to the horse eating wash rack.  Although with some trepidation, he marched right in. 

His face showed his uncertainty as Allie hosed him off.

Then we turned him out to meet his new friend…. and he made a liar out of me.

I’m so happy to have him here, I missed him a ridiculous amount… but really, who couldn’t miss that face.

I’m heading out to the barn this evening to go on a ride with Allie.  I’m so excited to have people to ride out with (that it’s Allie and friends is like winning the lottery).  Now that I’m moderately settled in the new home, and Woody is here, I’ll get back to regular posting.  Wheeee!

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