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And that’s stop in mid-air.  But he can sure try!!!! 

The Log and the Water, as told by Allie:

I will let Lisa tell about today, but i will share a fantastic series of pictures of Woody coming over a very simple log.  That log was set kind of in front of the scary water. When Kelly and I walked up there I said “that’s an awful lot to look at for elementary!”

The water was optional, so you could angle it so they didn’t have it in their field of view but uh…duh?
Here’s what woody thought of that.

As mentioned before, woody has a decent canter 😉

He also looks squeezable over a jump


It might be possible that he sees the water at this point, but I’m not sure.

If not then, certainly now…

Woody gives it the old “hell to the no, WHAT IS THAT DOING HERE!”

Does not belong!

Lets reassemble, shall we??



Did anybody see that? Nobody saw, right? I totally wasn’t skeert. I slipped, that’s it. Yep.

Oh, water? I can do water.

I’m awesome.

 If you think the pictures of that incident are funny… watch this.

The day was fantastic!  And thanks to Allie and Kelly for helping me so much.  We had a fantastic time.

Woody, on Day two of the horse showathon acted like it was day 200.  He tied to the trailer, he napped, he walked around on a loose rein.  He reigned supreme.

Or at lease 2nd 🙂

Our dressage test was great for our first go together.  We were both a little tense, and it’s possible I didn’t know the test as well as I thought I did.

So between some inaccuracies and a blown lead (which was quickly remedied), we earned a 39.  The judge loved him and said she thought he had a lot of promise (duh!  Allie picked him out for me!)

Here’s some warm up and our test.

Then we went back to the trailer, and Woods hung out like an old campaigner while I walked the stadium and XC course.  If I were to say that Woody’s stadium round was not super fantastic I’d be a big fat liar.


And then there was XC.  You’ve seen the funniest part of it, now here’s the rest.

And here are a couple of pictures (obviously NOT taken with Allie’s super fantastic camera, but worth sharing none the less)




I don’t think Ozzy would have minded Woody wearing this…

Oh, and here’s a picture of the Porta-potty jump from yesterday

Woody gets tomorrow off, and then we start working towards Beginner Novice at the unrecognized at Loch moy on the 18th, and then VHT.   ;D


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It’s TRUE!

Woody and I went to the pipe opener this morning (thanks to Allie and her traveling horsey house), and Woody exceeded ALL of our expectations.

He got on the trailer without shaking, he got off the trailer without shaking (after waiting there like a big man while Pants I walked the Choose Your Own Adventure XC course), and then came off, looked around, and started to eat grass.

He warmed up like a champ, and then we were off.

I’m not good at long descriptions, but I can say minus a stop at a white gate thing with a bale of hay in front of it, and a mini stop at a white coup, he was perfect. 

He wiggled a little going in to the water, but on our loop around when we came back through the water (it was fence 14 and 18), he trotted right through like he’d been doing it his whole life!

And I dare say he was perfect even WITH those things seeing as the horse had never jumped ANY xc fences before this morning.  (minus the logs on the farm). 

There is a jump on course that has ACTUAL porta-potties as standards.  I was TOTALLY prepared for Woody to spook/stop at that jump. Allie said “I’ll bet you a six pack of beer that he’s in a rhythm by then and goes right over it.”  I told her I hope I lost the bet.  I did.  But I bought us some bubbly instead of beer. 

You’ll hear on the video after the porta-potty jump Allie say “I GET THE BEER!!!!”   I of course responded, cause I’m SUPER FOCUSED when I’m on course.  Allie and I don’t do anything without a little bitta Bubble and plus, I thought the occasion called for it.

So Anyway, Without Further Ado!!!

And some pics.

This is Woody, Chillin

And checking things out (That face has me TOTALLY whipped.  I’m in love with him)

Really?  You’re gonna make me go over there?  OK.

Fly Spray is the devil

How do I look?  I feel silly

How about from this angle?

Tomorrow is Loch Moy!

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If A=B and B=C then A=C

And this week I choose to use everyone’s favorite bit of math logic to describe why Money CAN at times equal Happiness.

I graduated from my Graduate Program in May.  I received my first REAL paycheck in probably around 4+ years last Monday.  To say I had been spasticly awaiting said check would be an understatement.

the first thing I wrote a check for?  Lessons.  And those Lessons have made me freakishly happy.


If A=B and B=C than A=C

I have some sort of Super Bug and am exhausted from the kick-ass lesson that Liza gave me this evening, so instead of a huge post about what we worked on, I’ll just post some pictures that Allie was super-fantastic enough to take.  I’m only posting the good one’s of course.  The ones that showed, without a shadow of a doubt, the collapsing rib cage and leaning upper body that Liza was getting on my case about served their purpose, and have kindly and mindfully been destroyed.

While this one is far from brilliant from me, the canter certainly deserves display.  If he can canter this uphill when I’m hunched over with my hands in my lap I can’t imagine what he’ll be able to do when I learn how to ride!

Maybe it will look kinda like this

The trot ain’t half bad either.

So that’s all I’ve got the energy for tonight.  The NyQuil is kicking in and I’m gonna go to sleep all happy n’ stuff… despite what seems to be the first chicken to human transmission of the bird flu.  I should probably call the CDC.

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Woody Sucks Tongue

So Woody has a new thing.  The barn manager tried to explain it to me, but I couldn’t QUITE picture it until I saw it with my own eyes.  He curls his tongue and sucks on it.  He is not stressed when he’s doing this.  He’s happy as you please, but usually bored.  Like while I’m tacking him up, or while he’s waiting for Michelle to fill up his water bucket.  It’s ridiculous.

See for yourself

Like he needed to get any cuter.  I had jumped him a little that day after our flat work, and the jumps were up to about BN height and he just cruised around all of them, lead changes and all. 

So this week we’ve been still working on our flat work.  He’s figuring it out, but I think his stifles are still all slippy.  He does that thing that horses with loose stifles do where he’ll be going along la-la-la, and then all of a sudden it feels like you’re trying to push a rope.  There’s just NOTHNG out there in front of you.  Then today he decided his left lead needed a vacation.  NO stress, I got it out of him once (it was lacking some finesse, but I got it).  When I was getting ready to call it a day the barn owners daughter asked me if I wanted to go on a trail.

We were out for about an hour, walking the whole way, but going up some good hills, so that was good for him.  However, because I can never say no to a trail ride he did end up getting ridden for about an hour and a half today.  He’ll get tomorrow off 🙂

I’ll admit to looking at the fall schedule.  Luckily there are a TON of little CTs and unrec Horse Trials in the area in the upcoming couple of months.  I’m thinking Woody is due for another outing 🙂

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So I’ve been having so much fun taking Woody on Trail rides (all by his brave little self) and jumping stuff I forgot that dressage is also a prerequisite.  Long long ago I used to hate flat work, but then along came Ozzy and I learned 1) it can be a lovely thing, and 2) how to ride.  The 2nd one is kind of important.

Anyhoo, so the past week I’ve been working on really exciting stuff like oh, I don’t know, bending, and accepting contact and Woody, per usual, is a quick study.  I’m not sure that his stifles are QUITE 100%, but I’d say they’re at about 90%.

So yesterday and today I headed out to the barn early and enjoyed a LOVELY morning.  Woody is starting to figure it out but has a couple of daily stumbles.  His favorite one being the following protest “What?  You mean tilting my head isn’t the same as bending?  Come on!  You’ve got to give me SOMETHING for the effort!”

And I do, it’s called more inside leg to outside rein.  Woody is so funny.  He understands, and he can’t escape it.  So he’ll fight for a minute (and by fight I of course mean trot really fast with his head up in the air), and I’ll sit and keep my hands steady and push him up into the contact and eventually he’s like “Alright, if you REALLY mean it.”  Which I do, so he does.

This morning after our ride I went on a LOVELY hack wherein I got lost on purpose.  The trails at the barn are pretty impressive, and while I think I’ve traversed down a number of them, I am not familiar with them all.  So today I just kind of wandered.  Woody had a couple of FANTASTIC spooks (as is his wont), but for the most part it was non-eventful.

As I was tootling along on a loose rein I thought about how far he’d come.  We still have quite a way to go but the fact that I could shorten my stirrups without either getting off or strapping myself in and donning safety goggles is pretty impressive.

So, this week is flat work week.  I’ll give a report later and let y’all know how it goes.

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