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That I would be sending in an entry to the Fall Virginia Horse Trials I would have thought them either crazy, or drunk or both.  Losing Ozzy was hollowing.  I couldn’t IMAGINE that I’d be back at… but that is what is happening.

So last weekend I WAS able to get Woody into the USEA recognized Maryland Horse Trials. 

We were wait listed, and I received a phone call on my way to the barn Friday afternoon that we got in. This was me:
and then finally again.

 I had offered to volunteer in the AM, so my trainer brought Woods over using Allie’s rig. I felt like such a hunter princess… I mean besides the whole volunteering bit.

When he first got there he was a little up, and when I decided to take him on a leisurely hack around the show grounds before my dressage test, I learned a lesson.

Don’t Do That.

Woody likes to get to work. On our leisurely walk there were some crow hops, maybe one genuine mini-rear, lots of jigging and a couple of sideways bounces.

So I said, I don’t care who I scare, I’m taking him into the Dressage warm-up and putting his ass to work. The show grounds were so packed, there really was no space to work outside of the ring.

The second I started trotting Woody was all “FINALLY, all that tootling around was getting on my nerves.” He was great.

Our test was decent for his 2nd one ever. And to be more specific, the first half was actually quite lovely.

Then we cantered

Anyway, I didn’t really care about the intermittent giraffe impersonation after said canter, When I halted on the center line I was positively giddy.

I then proceeded to have 40 days and 40 nights until it was time for me to go stadium and XC.

Photo by Allie Conrad
Photo by Allie Conrad
It was totally worth the wait, cause Woods was a total professional. He jumped around the BN stadium course like he’d been doing it for ages. Not a single hesitation. Not even when I said “Hey Woody! I have an idea! How about I get you as CLOSE to the base of #4 as possible. I mean, like almost underneath it. How about THEN I flop on your neck? Doesn’t that sound like F-U-N?”

He responded by balancing himself and jumping us out of the spaz-made situation.

XC was even better. He’s still so green, and sizing things up, but pretty much if you put it in front of him, he’s going over it. We had a little wiggle and propping at the first water, but he trotted right into the second one.  More Pictures! 

Photo by Allie Conrad
Photo by Allie Conrad
Photo by Allie Conrad
Photo by Allie Conrad
Photo by Allie Conrad
Photo by Allie Conrad

We finished on our (not impressive, but not awful) dressage score of 45.0 and actually got a ribbon. A lovely pink 5th place one to be exact.

I don’t know if this will work, but here’s an album of some of the pics from the event.

So, with 3 weeks to get ready, I sent my entry in to the Fall VHT.  Every Fall, the VHT was my goal for the year.  Whether it was for Ozzy and I to move up a level (we did both our Novice and Training Move up there), or to break 30 in Dressage, or finish on said dressage score, that was where we wanted to do it.  It’s such a lovely venue, and it’s just a really special event to me.  From the moment Ozzy was born, my goal was to take him training at VHT.  I did last fall, and I lost him three weeks later.

 Woody has helped me so much in the past year, it only makes sense that this is how we finish our season together.


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Hey, what a novel idea, how about we take Woody on an actual XC schooling instead of just a competition?So yesterday after work Pants, Liza and I loaded Pant’s mobile horseyhome up with adorable red CANTER ponies (Woody, Bid, and Phinny), and headed out to Gordonsdale.


Woody hauled and tacked up well. He’s really getting the hang of going places. I believe Woody is also starting to figure out that he digs XC and it’s possible that there was some jigging and excitement. As soon as he’s put to work he’s right as rain.



Gordonsdale is a FANTASTIC place to take greenies schooling! It has everything you need, and we jumped everything we wanted to. My camera was running out of batteries, so we didn’t get the bounce bank complex, but Woody made short order of it (once he figured out what it was asking of him). He’s a thinker, and he likes to figure things out before he dives in. Luckily he generalizes for the most part and what he learns one day is, if not remembered immediately, the recall time is minimum.

Now, on to the good stuff. Videos! 

Woody learns about a down bank into water!

I love Liza on this one “It’s steeper than you think!!!!” Uh, yeah it was!


What you can’t see after this video is that we traveled on and came to a novice level post and rail that we hadn’t even looked at yet. It was in front of us and inviting and I figured “Why the hell not.” Woody is such a good egg. You can FEEL him being “uh, I’m not 100% sure what’s going on here, I’m gonna wiggle a little. *wheels turn, wheels turn, wheels turn* OK, if you say it’s OK I’ll give it a go.” And the he jumps it like a super star.

I’m on the wait list for the rec Loch Moy this weekend, I’ll keep y’all posted

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