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Well Tuesday Woody, per usual, demonstrated how amazing he is.

Tuesday it was a year to the day that I lost Ozzy. I hate the first year anniversary of any tragedy. You just want the day to be OVER. I managed to keep it together pretty well even though I tortured myself by looking at pictures, videos, and reading condolence e-mails and cards I received. Part of me knows WHY I do that stuff, but in hindsight it just seems so masochistic.

Anyway, I had been debating about whether or not I wanted to go out to the barn after work or just go home pour myself into a bottle of Woodford and assume the fetal position.

I, adaptively, chose the former. Yay Me!

Anyway, I left work early. I had been SUPER productive all week up until about 1:00 and realized that I could stare into space at the barn just as easily as I could here at work, so I said “See Ya, I’m off for some therapy.”

I got to the barn and Woody nickered at me and came walking across the field. I swear that horse is people. He’s nerdy people, but he’s people.

I tacked him up and Liza was in the barn working her new horse and she had set up some jumps. There was a x-rail with placing poles on both sides and a two stride triple. If I had known there would be jumps I would have used my jumping saddle.

Anyhoo, Woody and I worked on the flat and he was a super star. Still a little less bendy to the left*, but loose and over his back and forward.

*side note. Only I, with my extreme crookedness, can make a race horse LESS efficient going to the left.

Anyway, Liza had a ship-in lesson. When she started her over fences I was just about done, but Liza said “Lisa, you and Woody could benefit from these exercises, go ahead and jump in.”

I was all “But I’m in my dressage saddle”

Liza was all “Woody’s Majikal, jack up your stirrups and bring it.”

So I did, and so did Woody.

I smiled and Woody was fantastic. I don’t have the attention span to go through the exercise right now, but it was a lot to take in and Woody, while unsure and wiggly, never even CONSIDERED doing anything but taking it on. He’s an amazing little freaky four year old.

After the lesson, I was hand grazing Woods in the sun and Liza came out to talk to me while I was chilling. I was about to ask her what I owed her and she said “That was my donation to the ‘Make Lisa Smile on a Very Weepy Day’ foundation.” She’s a good egg.

After Woody cooled out I put him in his stall and went to make him some warm beet pulp with yummy sweet feed, apples, carrots, treats and a little molasses. I then realized that the LAST thing I did with Ozzy after our trail ride was to make him a bran mash with apples, peppermints, carrots, and molasses. I carried it out to him in his field, called him a *insert expletive here* for running over top of me to get it, put it on the ground, hugged him, told him I loved him and went home. He was gone 2 hours later.

Woody didn’t run me over to get his mash. He nuzzled me and let me hug on him and rub his ears. I hugged him and told him I loved him and went home.

For a bad day, it was pretty good. And Allie, if you think I wasn’t thanking you all afternoon you’d be wrong.

So, I wouldn’t quite say full circle. I’m not exactly where I was a year ago, but I am in a good place. A different place, and not one that I had planned, but i embrace it (and Woody), and accept all the good stuff it has to offer.

Viva La Ozzy.
March 19th, 1999 – November 25th, 2007

Oh, and here are some more pics from VHT that my friend’s husband took:


Woody says “I’ll jump over it, but HELL if I’m getting close to those pansies. They look perilous!”


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There is an old nursery rhyme that I recited to my mom as I came out of the dressage ring at Virginia this weekend:

There once was a little girl
Who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead
And when she was good
She was VERY good
And when she was bad she was HORRID

Woody was VERY good almost ALL weekend, and when he was Horrid he came by it honestly. Virginia is a HUGE deal. Lots going on, grandstands, HUGE vistas, lots of horses, loud speakers, the coliseum, you name it. Then combine that with the fact that it was his first BIG show away from home, oh yeah, and HE’S FOUR!!! Well, who could blame him.

We did the jumper show Friday night to get him in the coliseum, and I couldn’t have been more proud. I mean granted our warm-up was a little intense, and I was tired before I even went into the ring, but once we got in the ring Woody was ALL business. There was no more running sideways, no more head shaking, and no more “hey, I think I could maybe rear up a little here if I wanted.”

There is a video, but it warrants an explanation. Jane made us all Reform School Girl saddle pads that have a bad-ass and slightly slutty chick embroidered on it (complete with cigarettes, a knife and a cocktail). So it was halloween… and I dressed up. Like a Reform School Girl in Trouble.

So in this video, that is me, with beige breeches, fishnet thigh highs, a black mini pleated skirt, and some other trashy accoutrements (including a pack of cigarettes in my arm band), jumping around in the coliseum.

Woody, pre usual, jumped everything I put in front of him, including some largish 3 foot oxers and verticals. I lost some of my style points because I jumped the Swedish backwards… It was a Swedish! They’re made for jumping both directions… well they are if they have the same # of rails on both sides. Something I didn’t check for after I went of my self-made course and said “OOOO! Look the Swedish. That looks big and fun and I haven’t jumped IT yet!” Whoops.


Allie got some pictures uf us warming up in our ridiculous outfit… which is only trumped by Woody’s ridiculous movement.  He’s kind of a freak..


He thinks it’s great fun to FLING his toes.  So Cute.


Then there was dressage day. He warmed up really nicely. Up and a little hyper but moving like a million bucks and forward (he’s ALWAYS forward). Well, then we went into the dressage arena.

We received a 52. I am told I gave him a good ride. I am also told that there were EASILY some 8 moments in there (our trots across the diagonal for instance), but the judge SLAMMED us for resistance…of which there was plenty, so I get that. She gave us some kind overall comments but we were in last place after dressage by 10 points (minus the person in 12th place who earned a 47).

Stadium was lovely. I have video of that as well… and I’m not dressed like a whore, so that’s nice. We had one rail where Woods thought he knew better than me. I actually borrowed an eye from someone apparently and saw we were coming up on the half stride. Instead of leaning forward to get a better look at it, I actually sat back and tried to sit Woods down a bit. He responded to my accuracy by giving the middle finger and speeding up a little. Regardless, I was super pleased with the round over all. Again, all business once we get to work (the jumping work anyway).
Link to video for the higher res version

Allie got this pic 🙂 


XC was fantastic. Double clean and so much fun. Woody LOVES it and is such a game little man. I could go on and on about the course, but I’ve laready lost intrest in my own post. Suffice to say I was smiling my ass off. I of course cried a little too, but that’s to be expected.

So overall we actually moved up to 7th place. I’ll take that. Hell, I would have taken last place so long as we finished, so moving up at all was above and beyond my expectations.

Like I said, there are additional pictures which I’ll post when they’re available.  But I can summarize by saying that Woods has yet again shown us what a tiny little bad-ass he is. I couldn’t be prouder of him.

This is the longest post ever, but I have to post these pics as well.

Besides being ridiculously sweet, Woody is a funny boy. He likes to make faces… This series of pictures were taken by Pants and provide a pretty good example of what Woods does when he’s bored:








He’s VERY serious!!!!

Who can tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

I think by this time, Woody has realized what’s wrong and is judging me, harshly.

The cuteness










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So much to report!

OK, I admit I’ve been slacking lately!  getting ready for VHT took all my time… And of course that it doesn’t help that the web filters at work block WordPress.  How’s a girl supposed to blog?

Anyway, first big announcement.  One that my friends have known for a long time… probably before me.  Woody is no longer for sale, because about 3 months ago (well before his rise to superstardome) I realized I couldn’t let him go.

I started thinking this was going to be the case a couple of months ago, but I was still just a squee too crazy. It had NOTHING to do with Woods. He’s been Just What I Needed from day one, and I think deep down I knew that. Furthermore, I have NEVER compared Woods to Ozzy, but I was still just too broken and was still holding back that last little bit.

I approached Allie about 2 months ago telling her that I may be ready to kick my crazy to the curb (or at least make it return my key so it couldn’t just come and go all willy nilly as you please), to which she lovingly responded “Take your time. Think about it.”

Cause she knows me and how crazy losing Ozzy made me.

I did, and about a month ago that last little bit I was holding back said “screw it” and I was done for. I think it was the tongue sucking that did me in. I mean how can I not have a horse as dorky as that. It’s like we’re kin.

So there’s that.  I’ll post about our weekend at VHT here in a little bit.  But I’ll summarize by saying he was fantastic, and we ended up 7th, which is MORE than respectable.  I’ll give more details later today or tomorrow.

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