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We were Cantering, at a good clip even (I was channeling Trainer:  “Go On! Like you’re GOING somewhere!”). Ice slid off the indoor roof, Woody, speeding up natch, spooked to the right… to the outside and WHAM! My knee gets caught on the vertical supporting post. You know the BIG ones that run from the half wall up to the ceiling?

I don’t know how I stayed on. I had to pull up and walked around the indoor trying not to pass out for about 3 minutes. Then I thought I was going to vomit. THEN I was all “Great, I’m going to pass out and THEN vomit, and then drown, and I’ll be sober, but no one will believe it. My obituary is going to be COMPLETELY inaccurate!!!!”

When I realized the pain WASN’T going to quickly subside, I walked over to the door of the indoor and waited for some kind soul to come and relieve me of my mount.

My knees are bony, so a lot of bruising probably won’t happen. Strange, there is an impressive lump yet only a pencil tip of a bruise on my knee cap. Of course should it develop into something impressive there will be pictures.

Sunday’s gymnastic lesson is now a solid maybe.  But just in case, here are some videos that Kelly took this past Sunday (Yay Kelly!).  Woody made the executive decision that the trot poles were a waste of his time, and I was judged harshly for suggesting otherwise.



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So Allie was out at the barn the other day and videoed some of our ride from warm-up (beginning of video) to being just about done (end of the video).  He’s coming along nicely… he’d be coming along MORE nicely if it didn’t  insist on being 27 degrees and icy.

Woody Piddles About

We did the Gymnastic lesson on Sunday.  Kelly got some video of that, when she posts it I’ll do an entry on that.  He was a good boy; a little enthusiastic to be jumping, but good.  He jumps hard and I’m learning to stay with him, but it’s taking some getting used to.  There are worse things to get used to I imagine 😉

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I lied

I have NOTHING new to report!  Sunday didn’t happen (i.e. the gymnastics lesson).  I ran to Virginia to take my brother to Costco to buy a TV… cause I’m sweet like that.

I did go out to the barn EARLY Monday morning (the news had us CONVINCED that due to the inauguration every road leading into the city would be impassable starting Monday… they were wrong). 

Woods was none too pleased.  I don’t know if it was the CRAZY cold temperatures, the snow, or the early morning but there was coughing (ooo, this air is cold!) squealing and lovely hops sideways (Did I mention this air was cold?), and some enthusiastic canter departs (ARE YOU LISTENING???? THIS AIR IS F-ING COLD!).

In my infinite wisdom I looked out the indoor and said, “Oh, how pretty, it’s snowing and peaceful, we’ll just take a short hack on the road around the front pasture.”  Again Woods was none to pleased, but he was SUCH a baby I couldn’t take him seriously.  When enough snow would accumulate on his ears he would actually squeal, throw his head, and then stomp any given front foot.  It was the most human temper tantrum I have ever witnessed.

I finished giggling by the time we got back to the barn and just to make sure the coughing was nothing took his temp (which was normal).  I gave him his peppermint bran mash, blanketed him up and turned him out.

He’s getting new shoes tomorrow, and unlike the past 4 days where the HIGHS have been 30, it may actually get up to 40!  I’ll be sipping cocktails out of coconuts I’m sure.

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The High was 28 today

The high tomorrow is 16.

My boyfriend, Barack, is coming to Baltimore on Saturday.

I dare say I probably definitely won’t be out at the barn until Sunday. But I’ll hopefully be able to get a gymnastics lesson, so I should have SOMETHING to report then 🙂

Stay Warm and in the meantime I’ll leave you with a picture of warmer more active times 😉

Woody Can Boogie

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I mean Really!  He risks life and limb!.  Is it any wonder I’m so smitten.

And I SERIOUSLY tried to get some pictures of Woods on the crossties, but it’s impossible to do.  He’s always watching me, AND the tongue sucking makes it hard for either of us to keep a straight face.  However, some of the multi-step (and therefore less than my standard) clip job is evidenced in the clippermarks on Woody’s face :p

No Picture for You!

then of course there are the pictures…

 Woody says “S’up!?!?”


You like me, I know you do. Don’t fight it.










Have I mentioned how DELICIOUS my tongue is?  For Real!


Not so handsome now! If Woods were the type to smoke a blunt (and I think if he had thumbs he just might be) I think he would look like this more often than not.


It’s no wonder I spend so much time at the barn, he makes me laugh like crazy.

We’ve started getting back to work and it’s impressive how much Woods has retained since November.  He’s an amazing little freak… he can also be a real punk when he thinks he’s done and I tell him he’s not.  But regardless he’s funny and has a good attitude.  He’s a happy little horse and I love him. 

I’ll write more later next week about some of the training stuff I’m dealing with right now.  Possible titles include:

  • Want to learn to ride with less hand? Get thee an OTTB; you’ll have no choice unless you want to enter in an Emu Pleasure Class.
  • What a difference a core makes: Why do they have to be SO right when they say using your stomach to package a horse is key… it’s a lot of work to do things the right way.

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Again I apologize for my infrequent posting.  I could blame it on the cold but since I blog inside, I don’t imagine that’s much of an excuse.  I will admit that Woods and I have had a pretty relaxed winter season.  Which is good, I mean he’s ONLY four!  Wait, I guess he’s five now!  Regardless a good restful winter will serve him well.  Maybe those ribs will spring 😉

Anyhoo, I was out at the barn the other day and my planned “get in, ride, get out” trip turned into a 12 hour day.  I got there (around 9AM) and Liza and I had to sit and catch up after the holidays, and then I rode.  THEN I went to have lunch with Liza only to find out that the dentist was coming out.  I KNEW Woods was in dire need of some attention, so I decided to stick around till 2:00 to see if the dentist could work him in.  He could!

Well while I was waiting on the dentist to get there (and then to work Woods in) I decided, in my infinite wisdom “I’ve been meaning to clip Woods again, I’ll do it now!”

Clipping, for me anyways, is usually proceeded by somewhat of a process that includes making sure I have one SUPER sharp pairs of blades or two decently sharp pairs, and a squeaky clean horse that is showsheened to the point of absurdity.  I don’t feel this description is obsessive, but I assure you it borders on the maladaptive.

Anyway, this impromptu clipping was not privy to my OCD like prep.  Instead of my blade requirements I had one mediocre set, instead of a squeaky clean horse I said “Hey Vacuuming is JUST as good.”

You can see where this is going.

Poor Woods, he’s since been repaired, but for about three days he looked as if not only I forwent my prep, but drank a bottle of his namesake in it’s stead.  I managed to clip about 80% of him.  The 20% that were left ungroomed included but were not limited too his belly (running 1/4 way up his left side as well), his face, his ears, and his haunch.

I should have gotten pictures, but just DIDN”T seem to get around to it 😉  But i do realize that it has been a while since I’ve posted a picture of his Cuteness, so I’ll try to get around to it this week.

I’m so glad the dentist was able to work him in, as he WAS in need of attention.  Between his new Farrier and his unhooky and smooth teefers it’s enough to motivate me to start prepping for our Spring Season!

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