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So last week I was NOT planning on doing the gymnastic lesson.  It was my opinion that it was just going to teach him to rush, and until standing in a line in an indoor and jumping 5 fences at a time, only to be followed by more standing around was instituted in the BN/N level horse trials, it was a skill we could avoid mastering for the time being.

So I rode in the sloppy outdoor because it was almost 60 degrees and who doesn’t need practice cantering through puddles.  Woods was great and we actually had some LOVELY downward transitions.  After about 40 minutes of work I walked back up to the barn and stuck my head into the indoor to see that they were just starting.

I’m a jump whore.  I canNOT pass up the opportunity when it’s right in front of me.  So I looked at Allie and said “Well, we could try a couple and if he’s good keep it up, if he’s not, end on a LESS explosive note and call it a day.”  She gave the always appreciated agreeable nod.

Woody was FANTASTIC!  forward, but flowing and was jumping like the little freak he is.  Toward the end I asked for a change, which he gave me, but honestly, looking back that’s what got him a little riled up.  He GIVES them to me all the time, but apparently we’re not at the place when I am allowed to ask for them… I’m TOTALLY fine with that.  I mean that would be like saying “My 2-year-old can read Shakespeare but not Beckett, I think he’s retarded.”

Anyway, we took the oxer, which Allie says was around 3’3″ a couple of times, ended on a HUGE effort (which caused me to lose what tiny filter I have and drop the F-Bomb) and continued to smile for the next 8 hours.

Since that weekend, Woody has continued to be his amazing little tiny self.  There may be a jumper show in our future.

You know what is DEFINITLY in our future?  Allie’s birthday!  So tomorrow everyone raise a glass to Allie who not only helps more TB’s than most un-caped beings, but is also a match-maker beyond reproach (again, she hooked me up with my Beau of almost 5 years, and Woody… the girl is a savant!).  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLIE!


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