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It might be a good idea to have Liza ride Woods for the three days leading up to his first outing at Novice.  It would also be neat if there was video and pics of the jump school.

If we WERE going somewhere, and those things DID happen, I imagine it would look kinda like this.



Woody’s face KILLS me. He’s so earnest (when he’s not spooking at the mounting block)


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But it is getting close, so maybe I’ll say that it’s POSSIBLE that Woody will be making his Novice Debut at Waredaca in two weekends. 

I will blame my silence over the past few weeks on that.  I mean I’m so excited, there’s NO WAY I couldn’t mention it (IF it weren’t all a hypothetical, which I assure you-and that Murphy guy who is in charge of all the TRULY annoying laws-that it is).  But the entry stats are up, and there he is! 

Even more exciting?  I’ve roped Liza into riding him.  I wanted him to have the best experience possible.  SO!  I get to play owner.  I think there will be a big hat and a cocktail (or seven).  Just so long as the big hat doesn’t get in the way of the braiding and the grooming and the hey-hey.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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