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Plantation Report!

Woody won the dressage!  I almost fell over!  It wasn’t a perfect test, but it was forward and the judge apparently liked forward.  The other tests I guess?  Not so forward.  I’m guessing they also didn’t blow a lead, but he blew the lead going forward? 

There was a rail in Stadium because they were jumping out of the Bog of Despair, but our dressage (35.5… who WINS the Novice dressage with a 35.5 these days???) plus the 4 faults was still good enough for second place.

YAY for second place.

Liza and I had SUCH a lovely day.  It was much more relaxing with only two horses going and we had a large time.

Woody’s allergies were bugging the CRAP out of him Saturday.  He hasn’t really shown his head shaking propensity for a while, but I stuck a towel up his nose and twirled it around, itched his face real well right before he went in, and they were off. 

So here are the videos.  Exhibit A.  The dressage test.  Note on the second canter he was ABOUT to pick up the correct lead and said “Eh, not so much.” 

I will apologize for my filming this weekend, I sucked.  It didn’t help that my camera broke:  This malfunction is taking a couple of forms:

  •  First the digital Zoom was stuck ON, this makes it grainy and crappy.  SO I turned it off so it was no longer an option.  TAKE THAT CANON!
  • Then it became so I could not zoom in and out while I was filming.  This sucks.  I have yet to find a clever fix.

Stadium warm up was a bit for Woody to take.  There were a couple of horses that were kinda crazy and Woods was a little wild to begin with.  He was skeeeeert!  So Liza took a couple of warm-up fences and walked out of the warm up towards the ring trying to find Woody’s happy place.

The footing was pretty squishy, and Woods had a rail at the second fence.  EVERYONE but one rider had a rail in stadium.  Damn that single rider and her blue ribbon stealing clear round! 😉

After his stadium ride some guy who was spectating asked me all sorts of questions about Woods, and told me how much he liked him.  He also told me to tell “Who ever you’ve got riding him today” that she’s doing a wonderful job.  So something nice for Liza and something nice for me. 🙂

XC, Liza said he was a machine, and was just going to become a BIGGER machine.  She said the difference in the way he went around last weekend and this weekend was amazing.  He wasn’t bad last weekend, but just a little uptight.  Some of that was because it was his first outing of the year AND his first time at novice (and a BIG novice at that), and some probably because he and Liza had never gone out together.  Whatever the case she said he was a super star out there yesterday.

Here’s the video.  Please excuse my ridiculous exclamations each time he jumps a fence.  I’m just a little smitten.

So there it is.  We don’t know when our next outing is but I’m planning on being the one riding the Little Red Freak!


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That was the sound of me bringing Woods in Sunday morning… Missing a shoe.

Liza had three horses running (the show farrier tacked a show back on, so Woody makes Three. YAY!) and I swear having three horses running on a one day is enough to keep ya’ busy. We didn’t REALLY stop moving until we got back to the barn.

 Woody rocked it. Dressage was nice and he got a 36.5 in a HUGE NH division. Liza got on, rode him for a bout 5 mins and said, “You’re right… he gets a little Wiiiiiiild.”

So her warm-up mirrored the work out of someone getting ready for the Tevis Cup.

Canter and Canter and Canter


Her advice after the test was “Canter him till he doesn’t want to canter anymore… then canter him some more. If you try to get ANY real work done when he’s like that you’ll ruin any chance you have. Canter him till he takes a deep breath.”

And that’s what she did and it worked. He still had a couple of bobbles, but I was AMAZED at the test he put in. There is video, but it sucks because I didn’t want to get too close to the ring. Did I mention he’s got a spook in him?

The whole day was INSANE but we had help from Kelly in the afternoon and another boarder in the morning. Those extra hands are ALWAYS so unmeasurably helpful. Liza and I were grateful.

Stadium wasn’t until 4:50. He was great. Warmed up all Chillaxed…

Who’s standing all flat footed purty?

Leisurely walk in

Warmed up like a hunter… or maybe a polo pony since Liza was rockin’ it all one-handed-y

We jump things all cute like

And then we stop at the first fence.

No big deal. Liza gave him an amazing ride, it was just him being a green bean.  And DEAR LORD!  I know they’re novice, and I know they can only be but so big… but damn, they looked BIG!

But who cares, she finished and it was a cute round. ALSO! Since the stop was the first fence I stopped and started again, so when you watch THIS version of the round, we’ll just pretend that rail was his only transgression.  :p

XC was clean, and it was a BIG Novice course. Including a horse eating ditch (as reference in my soon to be uploaded dressage video). Ask S.Cheese. She’ll tell you; horses were falling pray to it left and right.

There was also a trakehner (you heard me!), a couple of good sized related distance questions, and a big down bank.

And now for the jinx part.  Liza realized that Woody’s got everything he needs to do wonderfully… everything but the milage.  My little brave man just needs to take a deep breath.  And there’s good news and spendy news. The good news is it’s easy to fix, the bad news is it costs a chunk of money to get your horse out there a lot.

However, that’s just what we’re doing. One of Liza’s training horses didn’t get into Waredaca this weekend so she’s taking him to Plantation. On Sunday She deftly pointed out to me that as of Sunday night they were STILL taking electronic entries!

So Woody, Olando, Liza and I are heading to Pennsylvania this weekend. The thinking being two weekends in a row might be EXACTLY what Woody needs.


The last part of that message was redacted in the hopes that we can keep the horse show gods placated for just one more weekend. I’m certain they are not pleased with how I thwarted Operation Pull-a-Shoe. Who knows what’s next.

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