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Alright, maybe when it dribbles it trickles?  Regardless here is an additional update.

Thanks to my friend Jen and her generosity and selfless volunteering prowess we went Schooling at Loch Moy yesterday. First let me say that Jen was planning on tootling around with her lovely CANTER mare Cally… Liza was not going to let that happen.

Jen and CALLY were GREAT! Jen listened and took instruction well and Cally was lovely. Besides almost passing out Jen looked giddy and I was giddy for her.

Woody stood on the trailer and was only moderately fidgety. He and Obama (Liza’s other freakshow rockstar) sat there and ate hay and judged me. Woodys judgement was cushioned with love and neediness, Obama’s was just 100% judgement. 

So Liza, one of her friends and I headed out to school around 2:00. It was hot! This did not vanquish the Lord of the Dance routine, but it DID reduce the Tevas Cup warm up to only about 4-5 minutes of cantercantercantercanter…

Woody was great, and I was pretty good. One of the issues I’m dealing with is hard as hell. The line between Woody being forward, on the aids and going to the fence and him running off and feeling savage is about this wide _

The difference in what I have to do to get him to stand on that line is minuscule. I’m not that good yet, but I’m getting there. I’m not a TOTAL white hot mess, I’m just not as good as I WANT to be. It’s a tough ride and I get discouraged sometimes, but Liza knows JUST when to support me. And by support me I mean open me a beer and tell me that I don’t suck. and ya know what? I do believe her. [sub](most the time)[/sub]

I was thinking about entering Waredaca, but after yesterday I said screw that. It’s going to be hot as humping in the trunk of a Kia in august and I’m just not effective in that weather. I have to be 100% to give Woods the ride we both deserve and I’m not going to frustrate myself. So September will come soon enough, and by then who KNOW what sort of progress we will have made. I’m thinking maybe Middleburg and then Morven.

Until then, here is a pic taken by Amy Dragoo at Plantation from Woody’s second novice. Liza told me yesterday that she’s had more people come up to her and say “Who was that little chestnut you were on at Plantation?” She says “He’s Lisa’s and she’s in love and he’s not for sale.”  

When I’m riding like a meat-fisted Ogre I remind myself of that and it motivates me to work harder, focus longer and become half as talented as he is.


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Dear Lord

I suck!

Father it has been 14,000 years since my last entry.  Furthermore in the 14,000 years I’m sure there’s a bunch of fun sinny stuff I’m failing to mention.

So, it’s summer.  As a psychologist for an urban school district that means I get my summers off.  My plan was to try to stay out of an office all the while attempting to make extra money.  Additionally I wanted to spend as much time at the barn as possible.  I have succeeded. Not only am I working for the barn one day feeding turning out yadda yadda I’m also working with Liza.  I have given myself the title of her Fischer-Price My First Working Student. 

Liza has a bunch of horses to ride.  I only have one and a lot of time on my hands.  So Liza and I have worked out a deal where I help her out and she works her magic.  And it is Magic.  Woody and I are making some amazing progress.  Don’t get me wrong there are still some days that I say to myself  “For CRAPS sake, you can’t ride one side of this horse, what are you thinking.”

And then he looks at me and nickers and I say “I shall learn.”  And learning I am.  It’s fantastic.  Not only am I learning by doing I’m learning by watching.  I’m so fortunate to be able to do this.

I was hoping to get into Maryland Horse Trials this weekend, but it didn’t happen (cause I’m a flake and didn’t enter in time).  But I’m not heart broken.  As I told Allie, I could go out this weekend and be mediocre or I can go out this fall and make that dressage arena my bitch.

Things I’ve learned:

  1. Woody can throw a temper tantrum. 
    • I can, much to all involved party’s chagrin, escalate said temper tantrums
    • I can NOW deescalate aforementioned temper tantrums
  2. It’s OK to have some contact.  One should have more than a hummingbirds weight in the reins.  Do not be afraid to touch your horses face!
    • This contact must be constant, reliable and fluid
  3. Woody does not NEED one to sit deep in the saddle to make changes in pace/stride length while jumping.  I can take a deep breath, bring my shoulders back and he’ll rate.
    • Woody finds it unnecessary when I sit deep in the saddle to do just about anything whilst jumping.  See Item #1
  4.  Working with horses is HARD WORK!

So there it is.  I’ll try to be more attentive to the blog.  My plan right now is to work my ass off and come September trot down the center line like I’m on a mission.

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