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So on my list of things that need attention regarding Sir Woods is his belly.  He’s Type-A, he’s a worrier, he’s a sensitive sort.  So next Tuesday we have an appointment to get him scoped for Ulcers.  This pleases me a great deal. 

On the day to day front, things are going swimmingly.  The progress we’ve made in the past couple weeks is, yet again, staggering.  We TOTALLY have downward transitions.  And I don’t just mean we’re downshifting, I mean we’re downshifting with STYLE.  It’s not 100% yet, but it’s getting pretty damned good.

Our jumping is improving as well.  I need to do some practice sans jumps:  just hike my stirrups up, get into two point, press my hands in to his neck and cantercantercantercanter until I am comfortable going the way Woods would like for me to go.  It’s quite a bit different from my default.

I think I’ll wait till it’s not a Code Orange day in our Nation’s capitol to do this.

I have no new pictures or vids.  Maybe I’ll get someone to get some of us in the next couple of weeks.  In the mean time, I’ll update on Tuesday when I get Woody back from the vet.


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