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So I made the journey out to the barn today.  In case you have been stuck in a cave, the DC area got a significant amount of snow.  I make the cave joke, not at your expense, but at ours.  Anytime DC gets an INCH of snow, people lose their minds.

You can imagine how insane people (i.e. residents, local media, etc.) went with almost 2 feet.  I was diagnosing people left and right.

Anyhoo, I knew the horses were being turned out today for the first time since Friday.  I thought I should probably go and ride Woody before he went out so he could get some of his jollies out in a controlled and non leg-breaking fashion. 

It wasn’t really necessary.  The Snow is perfect.  Deep enough to keep them somewhat grounded but fluffy enough to keep them from pulling anything.  Regardless, I tootled about anyway.  He was cute.  There were a couple of head tosses, but nothing too exciting.  He’s going to be SIX in 2010, and while he’s not a packer he no longer does his “I’m a three-year-old fresh off the track” impersonation NEARLY as frequently as he used to.

I was super proud of myself.  I took my camera with me to document this exciting occasion…and left the memory card in my computer.  So all we have are crappy cell phone movies.  They really are crappy.  See:

Yet still somehow, his cuteness is apparent.


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Winter Flops

It happens every year.  It’s where of “end of season week off” meets “It’s cold and dark and I’m floppy.”  I know I’m not the only one who gets kinda floppy* in the winter.  Between the Winter Flops, and some sort of evil Sinus infection Hanta-Ebola virus hybrid Woody has been neglected.

This Floppiness is self-perpetuating.  Here is the cycle:

  1. YAY!  End of season!  We both deserve a good week off.
  2. A week to ten days pass.  The days change from highs of 60’s to cold grey days that contain 48 seconds of daylight
  3. Enter Thanksgiving.
    • You know you’re going to be out of town for almost a week.  What’s the point of riding on Monday/Tuesday when you won’t be out until the following Monday.
  4. Return from Thanksgiving, work punches you in the face (when you work for A City School system, that is a real possibility)
  5. Another week goes by where you make it out to the barn once MAYBE twice.  The floppiness begins to creep in.
  6. Floppiness increases, motivation diminishes, barn visits fail to increase
  7. Guilt sets in for not riding
  8. Floppiness increases
  9. Repeat steps 6 through 8

 Although this time, as I mentioned I mixed it up with above mentioned sickness.  This made for the Perfect Floppy Storm.

Well, today I had enough.  Today I harnessed some of the graduate level education I have earned and told myself to get my (congested) head out of my ass and go to the barn.  So I did.  And like it does EVERY year when this happens, it made me happy.  My bones began to regain some of thier rigidity and floppiness started to subside. 

Woody was happy to see me which ALWAYS is good for the spirit, and for being ridden MAYBE 6 times since Rubicon he was a good little man.  We’re both out of shape, but he kept his wits about him.  I believe he may have grown up a bit this fall. 

I rode briefly, and gave him a bath and a good MTGing (makes me smell horrible, but it is good for the winter skin funks).  I then shoved as many treats in his face as he could eat (a technique I learned in Psychology of Guilt reduction 663), hugged on him and headed home.

So there we are.  Christmas is coming up and I’ll be out of town for a week or so, but I’m not going to let the cycle start again.  Woody’s too freaking cute and makes me too freaking happy.  Happy Holiday!

*Floppy is just what it sounds like.  Floppy.Pitiful. you know, Blah.  I’m a psychologist, I know this kind of technical jargon.

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