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Really, no, thank you. It’s too much.

Oh, I don’t know where to start. First, I’d like to thank my unwillingness to freeze my ass off, Woody and I couldn’t be where we are without you. Also, Daylight savings time? You’re the glue that holds this plan together. And Woody’s delicate constitution? Without your willingness to break out in funk with the SLIGHTEST hint of moisture? Your partnership with Woody’s creepy guard hairs overtop of his November clipped winter coat? Well, it’s no wonder we’re the winner winner chicken dinners of the day

Nothing exciting.  It’s cold.  It wasn’t cold on Tuesday, it was actually 58 degrees and lovely.  I of course had a migraine.

So yesterday and today I spent some quality Woody time and he’s doing well.  He lost some weight this winter (as is the wont of OTTBs) and if there was a topline on that horse it’s flown south with the geese.  I’m hoping it will return around the same time they do.

He’s behaving himself for the most part.  He of course still enjoys an enthusiastic and situationally excessive spook, but that’s part of his charm (?)

I looked at the spring schedule and I’m getting motivated and excited.  I’m always so amazed when March comes around and I have the horse back that I had in October.  If you looked at BOTH of us now you’d think we were the state fair Fungus and Long Mane champions…it’s a VERY competitive class.

So, I’m not giving you pictures.  Heaven forbid Liza see them.  She’d brave the cold just to drive up here and beat my ass.   Or maybe I’ll take some now and wait to show them until we look like we might be able to complete a BN dressage test.

Ohhh! I do have pictures to share.  Allie took these at Morven (Thanks Allie!!!!!!).  We can look at them and pretend Woody still has a top line.

Although this one he looks more like a giraffe than a dressage horse.  As you’ll remember, gentle readers, Woody was NOT a fan of the indoor at Morven.  I’m not the type to get angry.  So I laugh.  It’s the kinder option, don’t ya think?

And REALLY!  I mean WHO can be angry at this face?

That’s all.  And in case I didn’t mention it in this post.  Woody makes me laugh EVERY day and I love him.


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Winter=Poop; Woody= :)

So I made it out to the barn this Monday for the first time since Christmas.  Woody was ridiculous. 

Monday:  He was a CRAZY person.  First I had to shorten my stirrups; perhaps my jump saddle would have been a better choice.  THEN I had to longe him. I HATE longing, but the third time Woody said “WHEEEEEEE” I realized I wasn’t in good enough shape to make a go of it.

Had he pulled that stuff in November, right after Rubicon?  Bring it!  January 4th, after not hardly riding for 2 months?Seriously, I almost fell off twice.  Maybe if I hadn’t been laughing so hard?  Anyway…  Longing it is.

There was a beam of light on the ground.  Woody found it exciting.  I know this video is horrible, but it was too ridiculous not to document.  I took this with my phone.

When I got back on he held it together.  I didn’t blame him for one second.  I had been out of town for 2 weeks and it was >30 degrees.  Hell, I was kinda hyper.  You had to be just to survive.

Tuesday:  Yesterday when I went out he DID keep it together.  But it was totally funny, cause you could tell he didn’t want to.  He was SUPER fancy with his big trot and concentration.  And he WAS concentrating on keeping it together.  You know how I could tell?  Cause anytime the SLIGHTEST distraction occurred he’d SPROING.  Just for 2 seconds and then he’d package it back up again. 

I swear in his head I pretend it’s all “Gotta work, gotta be good, peppermints, face scritches, mom love, work work work, WAIT!  DANGER!  IS THAT A BIRD THAT JUST LANDED ON THE GATE?????!?!?!  Crap! Breathe! Work, Mom Love, Peppermints, Happiness, Face Scritches.”

Anthropomorphizing Shmnthropomorphizing.  That horse likes to please.  Well, he found the right girl, cause I get him and I dig him.

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