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So, we went to MDHT III this weekend, and I am so glad we did.  We had a great go of it and FINALLY, for the first time this year, finished on our dressage score.  It wasn’t a great dressage score.  We were tied for 7th with a 36.5.

Woody likes to see how much he can get away with, and i’ve let him get away with some minor transgressions in the way of consistency/steadiness.  He’s always pushing JUST a little.  It’s like he’s saying “if I wiggle my head around JUST X amount, I can get away with it…”  I just realized this within the past week and REALLY started working on it.  I’m hoping we’ll have made some improvements by Rubicon (If I go to Rubicon…I really WANT to go to Rubicon, why am I not entered?).

Stadium was EATING people!  I had had some sangria that my friend Erin brought, and I wasn’t skeered.  That’s right.  As I’ve always surmised, Booze really IS my spinach.  We had a nice forward round and while we didn’t find all of our distances perfectly (as if that will EVER happen), we made all of our mistakes going forward and out of stride.

XC was a BLAST!  The first fence was a not small rolltop and was relatively close to the start.  He was a little slow off the ground, and per Liza’s instructions, I SENT him forward upon landing, and he was a champ the rest of the way around.  I love how you can see him wring his tail in the video when I goosed him after fence one.  He still peaked at the first water, but there wasn’t any genuine hesitation.

We ended up 5th, and I don’t know that I have EVER been as happy to get a pink ribbon in my whole life.

I’m not signed up for Rubicon, and I don’t know why.  I’m going to see Daniel Tosh at the Lyric that Saturday night, but that’s not why.  I don’t think anyone else from the barn is going, and maybe that’s a little bit why.  I think I’m just going to suck it up and enter.  I can’t do Waredaca because I’ll be in Kentucky helping Liza, and I can’t do VHT because I’ll be stalking Jon and Stephen…

OK, while the videos were uploading I entered Rubicon.  I wont be skeered!


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(I’m behind again, this is from the weekend of 10/3)

I guess I’ll take you’re technical elimination and eat it.  You don’t have to do a damn thing with it.   mrgreen

Long story short.  During Stadium, I heard the dressage whistle, started, judge didn’t stop me (as I was told she did the rider who went right after me, but I’m not bitter cool), blew the whistle at me after my round and told me I was TE’d.  I explained what happened (to her, in her truck that HAD had the windows rolled up, and was parked behind a tree), but there was little to no sympathy.

Helmut let me run XC and we had an AMAZING go.  A couple of sticky fences, but I didn’t choke and the 2nd half of the course (which was the big half), was fantastic.

We were 2nd after dressage, and if we hadn’t had a rail (and a TE) we totally would have won.

We have MDHT this weekend and I am feeling REALLY good about it.  Let’s see if both Woody and I can’t keep it together at the same time.  What a wonderous plan.

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