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Season Two: It Happened!

So, it is the end of my and Woody’s second season eventing together.  Just the mere fact that we made it through without any disruptions (other than me being the consummate amateur) makes it heads above the seasons of some of my friends. For this I am thankful.  There is actually so much to be thankful for, but I’ll show you a video of me eating fence one in Rubicon Stadium instead.  I mean that’s more fun to watch, right?

So as implied, we finished off our season at Rubicon this weekend.  I was a little nervous about going seeing as the Spring Rubicon was where Woody and I completed our first Walk of Shame together, and my first Walk of Shame since 1995.

Fear not!  There was no Walk of Shame! *cue cheering crowd.*  I did almost fall off in stadium warm-up though.  My friend Dana was there helping me (stadium warm-up makes me want to barf, and she was helping me by making all the fences teeny…that’s right! I rock the 2 foot warm-up!).

Anyhoo, one of my favorite things to do to instill confidence in myself, my horse, and those looking on, is to come up to the cross-rail, see nothing, miss like it’s my job, THEN get way ahead of my horse.  This way when he jumps it like a 3-legged alpaca I almost fly off on the other side.

It happened in slow-motion, and I actually heard Dana yell “Hold On!”  I had the presence of mind to reply “I think I got it!!!!” as I pushed myself off his neck, unwrapped my hands from underneath his throat latch and catapaulted myself back into the saddle.  All at the canter mind you!  I think it was this that inspired the nice man helping to set warm-up fences to look at Dana and say “THAT?  That was AMAZING!”

I aim to please.  Again, please reference the lack of pride that is scattered throughout this blog.

Anyhoo, dressage was good.  We’re still having some steadiness problems, but it’s coming together.  We were in 9th with a 34.5.  However, the scores were CRAZY close and 1st place was standing on a 31.

Had we finished on our dressage, we would have ended 2nd, but I decided to make a sandwich out of the first fence and we had a rail.  I was admittedly a little frazzled about our warm-up and it took us a bit to get our inattentive and impulsive ducks in a row.  Besides that one rail we had no other time or jumping faults for the rest of the day.  I was pleased.

So there it is.  I’m not sure how our spring season is going to work.  Getting married can kinda make spending all your money and weekends at competitions difficult… but I’m sure I’ll find a way.  As it is now, Woody will get the next week or so off and we’ll pick some goals for the winter and maybe actually be focused enough to reach them.

Or, I’ll sit in the house until February drinking mulled wine and thinking Woody deserves a solid winter to reflect on the season 😉


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